Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia

Enhancing safety, making the industry more attractive for new employees and keeping the existing employees safe and healthy.


Participating in the FSANS allows you to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Reduced training costs (15-25%): St. John Ambulance first aid, Transport Canada requirements through NSCC School of Fisheries, Survival Systems Training, all offerings from Safety Services NS

  • Discounts on H&S related equipment, clothing and services

  • Industry-specific safety training

  • Industry-specific occupational health and safety manual and prevention programs

  • Access to the services of a dedicated occupational health and safety consultant

  • A direct voice in the operation and priorities of FSANS and its Board of Directors

  • Industry-specific safety website:

  • Shared best practices between clients in the industry and sectors

  • Advocacy for safety in the fisheries industry and influence in the policies, priorities and programs of the DOL and WCB

  • Potential for reduced WCB premiums and insurance costs long term a 5% reduction in the industry rate will more than recover the FSANS levy annually


A conservative illustration of cost benefits for a small, medium and large firm in a typical year when taking advantage of FSANS discounts

SAVINGS: (savings amount) Small Firm Medium Firm Large Firm
Marine basic first aid ($38) 1 @ $38 1 @ $38 2 @ $38 = $76
Standard first aid ($45)   $45 $45
Marine emerg. duties-A1 ($80) 1 @ $80 1 @ $80 2 @ $80 =$160
ROC-MC ($75)     $75
Safety boots (15%) (1@$80/yr) $12 (3@$80/yr) $36 (5@$80/yr) $60
Gloves, other safety gear (15%) (@$100/yr) $15 (@ $200/yr) $30 (@$400/yr) $60
TOTAL SAVINGS $145 $229 $476
FSANS LEVY AMOUNT $50 $100 $200
NET SAVINGS $95 $129 $276