Like most drownings, many in cold water could have been prevented, specifically with accurate knowledge of cold-related factors and actions by victims & first responders. For many decades, a poor understanding of cold water immersion has led to inappropriate actions and deaths. The misinformed assumption that one will become hypothermic within minutes can cause panic, which usually results in inappropriate, uncontrolled actions leading to exhaustion and/or water inhalation and drowning.

On Thursday April 27th and Friday April 28th 2017, the Canadian Safe Boating Council will be hosting a 2-Day Cold Water Immersion & Rescue Instructors’ Workshop in the Halifax NS area. The workshop will be facilitated by the world-renowned expert in Cold Water Immersion and Hypothermic Victim Rescue, Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht (aka Professor Popsicle). He is a professor of thermophysiology at the University of Manitoba.

The workshop, which is intended for first responders will consist of both in-class and dock-side instruction in the following topics:

  • Mechanisms of Heat Loss
  • Phases of Cold Water Immersion
  • Thermal Protection Realities
  • Extraction Techniques
  • Triage of the Hypothermic Victim
  • Re-warming
  • Packaging of the Victim for Transport
  • More

In-class workshop sessions will take place at: Halifax Regional Search & Rescue Headquarters, 116 Lakeview Rd, Lakeview, NS B4C 4C7

Dockside practical sessions will take place nearby.

Cost: $400/person. (Upon completion, attendees will receive a “Certificate of Completion” along with copies of the PowerPoint Presentation, an Instructor’s Manual, copies of the Cold Water Boot Camp and Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp DVDs as well as a copy of Dr. Giesbrecht’s book “Hypothermia and Other Cold-Related Injuries”.)


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