Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia

Enhancing safety, making the industry more attractive for new employees and keeping the existing employees safe and healthy.

Special Rates on Training

Fish Safe Handbook

This Handbook is prepared for Fishermen and Aquaculture Operations and offers a host of best practices. It outlines general safety and specific safety practices for fishing and aquaculture operations.

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Process Safe Handbook

This Handbook helps to foster implementation of safe workplaces among seafood processing companies. It is a practical guide for seafood plants to improve the safety of their operations and offers a “hands-on” guide to daily routines.

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Setting the Course for Safety: Preventing Falls Overboard (video)

On-Board Familiarization and Training
Familiarization Checklist (PDF)
Familiarization Checklist (.doc)

St. John Ambulance Training
2016 Pricing (PDF)

Getting Back Home (video)
Memorial University, Distance Education