Fishing Safety is Paramount

It is widely recognized that working together on issues related to safety helps build a strong, positive safety culture among employees and employers, resulting in fewer accidents/injuries and lower workers’ compensation costs. Our Mandate is to enhance safety; so that the industry is more attractive for new employees; and to keep existing employees safe and healthy. We work with industry to help create and develop safety programs to minimize loss, improve productivity, and reduce workers’ compensation rates for the Nova Scotia Seafood Industry.

Captain Dave Theriault - Three Fathom Harbour, NS

Capt. Dave Theriault describes how safety has evolved over his career on the water, and how he ensures his entire crew stays safe while fishing.

COVID-19 Questions?

COVID-19 Questions?

Our staff are available to chat and help you understand goverment mandated restrictions and regulations. If you require workpalce resources check out our COVID-19 tab, we have lots of helpful documents to assist you in keeping your workplace safe!