About Us

About Us


To inspire a strong safety culture for the NS seafood industry through collaboration, education, and promotion.


Nova Scotia Seafood Industry: Home safe and sound for current and future generations.


  • Professionalism: Demonstrating transparency, honesty, respect, and integrity
  • Commitment: Continued passion and support for the safety of the Nova Scotia seafood industry
  • Relevance – To remain relevant, current, and credible through diversification

Strategic Priorities

The strategic priorities of the Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia are:

  1. Modernization and Growth – Expanding our reach and portfolio through industry participation and partnerships
  2. Relationship Development – Encourage engagement and participation with our membership through a clear message of who we are and what we do, and to foster further relationships with other organizations.

Functions of the Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia

The safety association will focus its efforts on prevention education, advocacy, communication, and awareness. This will be achieved by conducting the following functions:

Prevention Education

  • Implementation of an accident prevention strategy for the fishing industry. Educate the industry on accident investigation, preventing workplace injuries, ergonomics, etc.
  • Undertake concrete activities that are of direct interest to the industry and that have the potential to have a positive effect on rates. This can be achieved by developing educational tools.

Research and Advocacy

  • The association has the capacity to undertake research on causes of escalating rates. Research could also be done on the economic impacts that could result from the continuation of escalating costs that could make the fishing industry in the province less competitive.
  • Continue the dialogue with the Workers’ Compensation Board and Government in their efforts to implement improved medical services in a timely fashion – i.e.: Doctor’s Nova Scotia and the Physiotherapy contract.
  • Work with all stakeholders that have a keen interest in improving workplace safety.

Communication, Awareness & Promotion

  • Show industry-wide leadership on the issue of safety.
  • Increase awareness of safety and celebrate success.
  • Promote a safety culture in the industry.
  • Communicate with industry on causes, and various specific activities that can address these.


The safety association is governed by a board of directors. This board oversees the activities and staff of the safety association and will meet 4 times a year. This 15 member board host seats for 5 harvesting representatives, 5 processing representatives, 5 representatives from aquaculture and/or services incidental to fishing. This 15 member board hosts seats for 5 harvesting representatives, 5 processing representatives, 5 representatives from aquaculture and/or services incidental to fishing. Ex-officio members (non-voting) have been secured from the NS Department of Labour, NS Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, and Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. A 4 person executive has been elected by the board of directors. The executive will meet independently of the board, as needed. There is an open membership to the safety association, to those firms/individuals in the harvesting, processing, and aquaculture sectors registered with the WCBNS. This membership meets together once a year for an annual general meeting.


The safety association is housed within its own office space with a complement of 4 staff members.


A membership fee will be charged once a year and will be paid per Standard Industry Classification (SIC) (company/individual). If a company holds more than one division within an SIC they will only pay once (i.e. 2 processing plants within an SIC). If a company has divisions in 2 or more SIC’s they would pay in both SIC’s (i.e. one harvesting, one processing). The WCB is charging this fee on behalf of the safety association to the company/individual, and turns over the revenue to the association. The membership fee will be based on the previous year’s premiums paid.

Activities of the Safety Association 

  • 3 Full-Time Employees to 4 Full-Time Employees
  • Safety Advocate for Industry
  • Communication and Awareness
  • Programming for employers around Accident Prevention
  • Develop industry-specific training
  • Offer training at a reduced rate