What's In It For YOU?


Participating in the FSANS allows you to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Reduced training costs (15-25%): St. John Ambulance first aid, Transport Canada
    requirements through NSCC School of Fisheries, Survival Systems Training, all
    offerings from Safety Services NS
  • Discounts on H&S related equipment, clothing and services
  • Industry-specific safety training
  • Industry-specific occupational health and safety manual and prevention programs
  • Access to the services of a dedicated occupational health and safety consultant
  • A direct voice in the operation and priorities of FSANS and its Board of Directors
  • Industry-specific safety website:
  • Shared best practices between clients in the industry and sectors
  • Advocacy for safety in the fisheries industry and influence in the policies, priorities
    and programs of the DOL and WCB
  • Potential for reduced WCB premiums and insurance costs long term a 5% reduction
    in the industry rate will more than recover the FSANS levy annually




Premiums Paid Membership Levy 2010-2019 2020 and beyond
Up to $1000 $50 $80
$1001-$2000 $100 $160
Over $2000 $200 $320