2019-2020 Board of Directors

Chair Arnold DeMings
Vice Chair Roland Michaelis
Secretary Doug Bertram
Treasurer Star Donovan
Harvesting Representatives Yvon Thibault (2021) D.B. Kenney Fisheries Limited
Kasey DeMings (2023) KCD Fisheries Limited
Star Donavon (2022) Mersey Seafood Limited
Brian Deveau (2023) Art Fisheries Limited
Keith Lohnes (2023) Clearwater Seafoods LP
Processing Representatives Arnold Demings (2021) Sea Star Seafoods
Jennifer Saulnier (2023) Rocky Coast Seafoods
Roland Michaelis (2021) Victoria Coop Fisheries
Aquaculture/Services Incidental to Fishing Representatives


Bernard Kennedy (2021) JK Marine
Doug Bertram (2022) Innovative Fishery Products/AANS
Jennifer Hewitt (2023) Kelly Cove Salmon
NS Fisheries Sector Council Representatives TBD TBD
Paul Angelopoulos WCB of NS
Paula Dobson NS Dept of Labour/OHS
Alan Chandler NS Dept of Fisheries & Aquaculture
Pierre Murray Transportation Safety Board
Rob Freake Transport Canada
Graeme Fraser DFO-Resource Management
Paul Morash DFO C&P
Scott Manning RCMP
Staff (non-voting)
Matthew Duffy Interim Executive Director
Robin Rose Safety Advisor
Alana Mosher Administrative Director

To contact a Staff member, please call 902-471-3534
or email