The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia has created the below documents to assist fishing vessels, processing facilities & aquaculture facilities reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Click the documents, print or save for your own use. Documents created by the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council are also available, with a link below to additional resources.

Captain COVID19 Checklist

Provided by FSANS

Carpooling Policy Fishing NSFSC

Provided by the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council

Guidelines for Seafood Processing - COVID19

Provided by FSANS

Crew and Visitor Temperature Checklist

Provided by FSANS

Vessel Cleaning Practices

Provided by FSANS

Harvesting Safe Work Procedure COVID19

Provided by FSANS

COVID-19 Vessel Policy (Member Contribution)

This document was contributed by a member company. Please edit for your own use. For an edit-friendly version of this document please email us. 

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Provided by FSANS

Self-Isolation for Fishery Workers

Provided by the Province of Nova Scotia