Safety Documents

Safety Documents for Vessel Owners, Captains & Crews

Safe Work Practices - COVID-19

The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia has created the following 3 documents to assist vessel owners, captains & crews reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Click the documents, print or save for your own use.



Safe Work Practice - COVID-19         Cleaning Recommendations      Captain Checklist - Safe Work Practice COVID-19   Crew & Visitor Temperature Check List

Transport Canada’s Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations

These checklists are provided as a quick reference guide based on information contained in the Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations which came into force July 13, 2017. The checklists are based on vessel size (hull length) and are not intended to be all inclusive or referencing of all Sections of these regulations. Owners and Operators of fishing vessels should consult with their local Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security office or the Transport Canada website for further information.

Less than 6m

6m - 9m

9m - 12m

12m - 15m

More than 15m

Onboard Familiarization & Training Checklist

June 2021 Newsletter and AGM Notice