Executive Director - Matthew Duffy

Born and raised in McGraths Cove, Matthew is no stranger to the fishing industry here in Nova Scotia. While enjoying boating and sport fishing Matthew is also an active member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. Graduating from Nova Scotia Community College, Matthew holds a certificate in Occupational Health & Safety. This combined with his knowledge of the fishing industry makes him an excellent fit as the Fisheries Safety Association’s Executive Director. Matthew has set a goal of obtaining his CHSC (Certified Health & Safety Consultant) designation, then moving on to pursuing his CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional) designation.

“The best day fishing I’ve ever had was off the coast of Honolulu in 2016. We booked a fishing charter onboard the F/V Sea Hawk. Our expectations were of catching some Mahi Mahi and Skipjack Tuna, a few hours later and I found myself in a battle with a 230lbs, 11ft Blue Marlin! It took about 30 minutes to land the fish, it was an incredible experience – the power & strength of the Blue Marlin was unexplainable. On top of that, we landed twenty-four beautiful Mahi Mahi, it’s a day of fishing I won’t ever forget!”


Safety Advisor - Robin Rose

Robin is a graduate of Occupational Health & Safety at NSCC. She is from a small fishing community in Cape Breton. The majority of Robins family fishes for a living. Robin has also, spent time working in Lobster & Crab processing plants. This is where she gets her strong desire to help keep those working in the Fishing industry Safe and the generations to come.

"The majority of my childhood memories involve the ocean. I grew up spending hours "helping" my dad fix up his lobster traps, catching Jonny crabs with a paint can, a nail, a mackerel and a piece of rope at a near by wharf, and creating cubbies with my friend on the ocean side. Now I get to enjoy doing all of those things with my niece and two nephews."



Administration & Training Coordinator - Nathalie Burgess




Safety Co-op Student - Meghan Finlayson