What is Splashes of Safety?

What is Splashes of Safety?

Splashes of Safety is an event that celebrates and acknowledges the accomplishments in the
Nova Scotia fishing industry all while raising funds that are directly used for Fishing Safety
Initiatives. When you attend our Splashes of Safety event you can expect an evening of
fantastic food, safety excellence awards, an appearance from an extra special guest and
so much more!

The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia designed this event to celebrate our Safety
Champions of the Sea with safety excellence awards. Our Safety Champions, nominated by
industry, will be recognized for their efforts in making the Nova Scotia fishing industry a safe
industry to work in.

We host this event because it is important to celebrate the safety champions within the fishing
industry and it is our way to say thank you to those who have helped us spread our message and
promote our Man Over Board drills over the past several years.

The year is the 2nd annual Splashes of Safety event and we cannot wait to see you there! With your
support we will be able to host a successful evet that connects industry stakeholders from all sectors
as well as celebrate those within the fishing industry who deserve recognition for their roles as
safety champions



Last Years Special Guest was...

Captain Keith Colburn from The Deadliest Catch

Last year we were honored to have Captain Keith Colburn from The Deadliest Catch  join us as
our special guest for Splashes of Safety. The Captain of the F/V Wizard is no stranger to the
inherent dangers of fishing, Keith's tales about his experience fishing on the Bering Sea
captivated our audience at last years Splashes of Safety.

To learn more about Keith & The F/V Wizard visit: www.crabwizard.com


For more information about Splashes of Safety visit: https://www.splashesofsafety.ca/
Contact Matthew Duffy | matthew@fisheriessafety.ca | (902)-527-7985